Miles Away

Miles and miles beyond my reach,
My eyes are tired, and my legs are weak.

I left some time ago,
And I’ve forgotten about the people who I thought I loved;
I didn’t say goodbye, they didn’t deserve enough.

You know, I might have left them, but I’m still here;
Alone inside my head, evaluating my peers.

“You’re not worth it kid, don’t ever hope to be great.”
That’s what all my friends tell me, while they question my ways.
They’re right you know, I’ve always been a waste;
I’m a disgrace of a son, and a stain of space.

Even though I’m exhausted, my legs keep their pace;
I don’t know where I’m going, as long as its miles away.

I don’t want to be remembered, and I don’t want to be chased;
Because I won’t stop to reminisce, about the past I’ve grown to hate.

I haven’t eaten for days, but it feels so real;
Somehow the place I’ve departed to, knows how I feel.
There’s dirt on my clothes, and sweat on my face;
It’s been ages since I’ve slept, but I stay up so late.

I might not be worth anything,
Somehow that’s perfectly fine;
I couldn’t ask for more, a meaning to my life.

I’m so far away,
With no stories to tell;
Except for the words I’m writing,
That have guided me so well.

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