Medical Suicide

Your such a fucking disgrace,

to who all you pushed away;

and you can repress those little habits,

with a bullet to the brain.

Take another pill,

and swallow the pain;

it’s going to hurt even more,

if I ever see you again.

You don’t deserve that pretty face,

so let me help you out,

rip your skin from your flesh,

smiling while I cut yours out.

You wouldn’t feel a thing,

you pitiful fucking feen,

and I bet you feel the same,

when you took advantage of me.

I’ll plot and I will scheme,

until  my goal is achieved,

when your sanity has left you,

i’ll awake you from your dream.

A product of your environment,

a medical waste;

you better hope that you kill yourself,

before you meet me again.

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